They are very intelligent and get along best with their kind comrades and other lively breeds of cats. These should be likewise however and shouldn't be agressive.

They are very devoted, gentle and absolutely human being-oriented. Devon Rex are extremly curious and totally cuddly. They always want to participate at the human life. They are very playful, this also do not decrease in increasing age or after castration. Also the preference for climbing and jumping never leaves, this already begins at the early baby age, so that you would take fright.

They feel good in a group of cats or at least with one partner. You will rarely see a Devon Rex alone at its sleep place or fooling about.

They are very piggy but not picking and choosing. One could call them "omnivore". It's hard to believe which quantities of food these small, allegedly so tender natures take to itself. Since they have a higher body temperature than other cat breeds they have another metabolism. They burn food accordingly faster since they are high-spirited and nearly everytime in motion.

They love body contact and so they are very good "electric pads" in winter.

They love sojourning in the sun or at other warm places (heater, stove, dishwasher or washing machine in operation). But they shouldn't lie too long in the sun because otherwise they could get a sunburn.