In the English county Devonshire there was an old shut down tin mine. In this tin mine lived a not domesticated male cat whose coat had been curly and soft.

Near this tin mine lived Mrs. Beryl Cox. She used to take care of a tortoiseshell cat which was straying around there.

In 1960 a male cat with curved coat was born by this tortoiseshell cat. It seemed to be a son of the male cat with curled hair living in the tin mine.

Mrs. Cox took home this kitten and called it “Kirlee”.

In 1965 the first Devon Rex appeared on a cat show. Most people rejected this new breed because to them these cats seemed to be unpleasant. But there were also people which were enthusiastic about the Devon Rex.

In 1967 the Devon Rex was mentioned as an independent breed with the number 33 a.

Because of this the Devon Rex got a lot of fans very soon.

The successful breed of the Devon Rex was based on the male cat “Kirlee” who made a lot of babies. “Kirlee” died on Christmas 1970.

In Germany Mrs. Liddy Diks Frijhoff had built the breeding of the Devon Rex. All her engagement was crowned by beautiful Devon Rex kitten.

At the same time kitten with also curled coat appeared in Cornwall called “Cornish Rex”. This was also an independent breed because the genetic code of the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex couldn't be combined.